Why GTE Home Loans

  1. Anyone can apply! You don’t have to be a member first.

    Not a member of GTE Financial? No problem! Anyone can apply for a loan with GTE; you do not need to be a member first. If you choose to finance with GTE, you will become a member-owner with your home loan and a simple membership application. Not only will you have a great-rate loan, you’ll have all the perks of GTE membership! Learn more.

  2. People come before profits.

    Did you know as a credit union, GTE Financial is a not-for-profit cooperative? The more members use our services, the more we can give back! Money we do earn can be returned in the form of lower rates and new products.

  3. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Speak with a GTE Financial Mortgage Specialist on your schedule. There’s a live person waiting for your call day or night, weekday or weekend! Call us at 1.888.871.2690 or 813.871.2690 ext. 40407.

  4. Apply for free and be credit pre-approved instantly!

    When you need a home loan, GTE Financial is ready to go! Whether you are purchasing, refinancing or need a home equity loan, you can apply online, in the convenience of your home, and receive an instant pre-approval.

    If you’re looking to buy a home, remember to apply before you shop. With GTE, there is no obligation to move forward on your loan and it’s absolutely free to apply. A pre-approval offers great guidance for how much you can afford, and it’s a powerful tool in securing the home of your dreams!

  5. Be matched with a REALTOR® and receive free perks!

    GTE Financial offers an exclusive Realty Services Program designed to take the guesswork out of selecting a real estate agent! We’ll learn about your needs, and then introduce you to a top professional in your area. Members can enroll in this free program, including agent matching, a commission rebate, a Privileges Package with discounts on household products, as well as a dedicated member advocate to ensure an exceptional home buying experience.

  6. We offer FREE financial tools and advice in English and Spanish.

    When you have questions, we have answers! Take advantage of GTE Financial’s BALANCE Financial Fitness Program.  Talk to a financial specialist on the phone for free and get advice on budgeting or the home loan process! There’s also great online resources offered in English and En Español for a host of financial subjects. Visit the BALANCE website today.

  7. Paperwork on a Thumb Drive.

    GTE Financial provides your closing documents digitally to go along with the printed paperwork, allowing you to have an additional copy that can be stored electronically.

  8. Receive your closing documents 5 business days prior to your closing date.

    With some lenders, the first time you see your paperwork may be at the closing table. With GTE Financial, we make sure you have enough time to read through all your paperwork ahead of time so you feel comfortable with what you are signing.

  9. Closings with GTE Financial are typically 30 days or less.

    New regulations and other financial institutions work flow can greatly extend the turnaround of your loan process. While not every loan will close within 30 days, we have a streamlined, efficient process that enables us to deliver a comparably quick closing for our applicants and members.

  10. Keeping it local.

    Some big banks and lenders could be evaluating your loan in Timbuktu. GTE Financial is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. That means, your home loan application is reviewed and decided upon right here in West Central Florida. We want to see our local economy thrive. As residents of this area, we have real ties to the community and a sincere desire to help our neighbors achieve their dreams of homeownership.