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closing date guarantee we guarantee your closing date or we pay you $1,000


GTE Financial goes beyond just financing your loan!

Looking for a REALTOR®? We can match you with a top agent in your area when you sign up for our free Realty Services Program. You’ll also receive discounts and rebates on big ticket home items as well as REALTOR® commission.

Learn more about all of GTE's great home loan solutions and view our daily rates! Anyone can apply for a loan with GTE Financial; you don't have to be a member first.

Realty Program

Why enroll in GTE Financial’s Realty Services Program? There are four great reasons:

    1. Happy woman smilingCredit Union Certified Real Estate Agents

      GTE Financial takes the hassle out of finding a qualified real estate agent. We maintain a preferred and exclusive list of top professionals in the area. Based on your needs, we can match you to the best-fit agent.

    1. Husband and wife talking to a Member AdvocateDedicated Member Advocate

      How do we help ensure a successful experience? Every member is assigned a Member Advocate that will explain the program in more detail and find out additional information about your particular housing needs, desires and wants. Throughout your home sale or purchase, your advocate will be your initial point of contact, sort of like a concierge or assistant. If you have questions or concerns, we’re here to help!

    1. Happy couple carrying packed boxes as they move into their new home.Privileges Package

      When you finance through GTE Financial and enroll in this program, you can also partake in our Privileges Package with discounts and savings on an array of household needs including:
      • Easy UtilityHelp: It's like a utilities concierge - TV, phone, internet as well as home alarms and much more. We can help get those set-up.
      • SEARS Personal Shopper Program: Get a dedicated associate to help you with all your new home purchases including appliances, lawn equipment and other products! Receive up to 30% off purchases, up to 1 year after enrollment in the Realty Services Program.
      • Smart Home Security Solution: Receive a Free Home Security Solution package which covers: 3 doors, 1 keypad, 1 motion detector, 1 wireless remote and the installation! All you have to purchase is any desired additional equiipment as well as monthly monitoring.
      • Penske Moving Trucks: Receive a 10% discount when you rent from www.penske.com!

  1. Woman holding a calculator$500 Rebate on Commission

    When you're enrolled in the Realty Services Program, home buyers receive a $500 rebate on the commission you pay out to your real estate agent. Every dollar counts!

$500 Member Rebate

Members that are enrolled in the GTE Realty Services Program receive a $500 Member Rebate on their agent's REALTOR® commission! It's a fantastic benefit paid for by your GTE Certified REALTOR®. Your rebate check will be processed and then mailed to you within 30 days of the successful closing on your home.


Realty Services Program Enrollment

Click the button below to apply for GTE Financial's Realty Services Program.

Click Here to Apply to GTE's Realty Services Program

Q: Do I have to be a member of GTE Financial to utilize this program?
A: Yes. Learn more about becoming a member of GTE Financial! If you have a loan with GTE, you are already a member. If you have financing in progress, once you close on your loan, you will become a member of GTE with your mortgage and by completing a short membership application.

Q: Is this program only for those members who are buying a home?
A: No, if the member is either buying or selling a piece of real estate property they would be eligible to participate in the Realty Services Program.

Q: Where is this program available?
A: This program is available for properties located in the State of Florida.

Q: How is my real estate agent selected for me?
A: Our hand selected, specially trained agents have submitted a personal profile to Realty Services. Your Member Advocate will spend time getting to know you, and then, carefully match you with an agent they feel will be the best match for you.

Q: What if I don’t like the agent that my Member Advocate selects for me?
A: In the rare occasion that this does happen, please feel free to discuss with your Member Advocate other details that you are looking for in an agent. The Member Advocate will then find you another agent that they feel will be better suited for you.

Q: What happens if I call after your hours of operation?
A: You will be directed into our voice mail system. By leaving a detailed voice mail message, your Member Advocate will call you back the next day to assist you.

Q: When will I get my $500 Member Rebate from my REALTOR® back?
A: Your rebate check will be processed and then mailed to you within 30 days of the successful closing on your home.

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