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Guaranteed Closing Date

closing date guarantee we guarantee your closing date or we pay you $1,000

woman huggin child from behind as child smilesGuaranteed Closing Date

When it comes to your home, you deserve a $1,000 guarantee!

GTE Financial is a local home loan lender based out of Tampa, FL since 1935. We realize, when you are buying or refinancing a home, the most important date of the entire experience is your closing! If that date changes, it can be a domino effect of additional expenses, changes to scheduling and added stress.

That’s why at GTE Financial, we GUARANTEE to hit your closing date, or we pay you $1,000. It’s a cash guarantee when it matters most! Click for a printable brochure (pdf file opens in new window). 

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How the Guarantee Works:

  1. Apply for Financing with GTE Financial
  2. A GTE Loan Executive will work with you to confirm two agreed upon dates that solidify the Guarantee:
    1. Closing Date – minimum 30 Day turnaround*
    2. Borrower Documentation Date – documents supplied and appraisal ordered and paid for within 5 days*
  3. You’ll be able to review and approve those agreed upon dates, as well as the Guarantee Agreement.
  4. Then, simply enroll in eConsent and provide your documentation electronically by the due date.
  5. If we miss the Closing Date, we pay you $1,000.
  6. Funds will be deposited to the member’s primary savings account within 10 business days after closing.

If you happen to need a closing faster than 30 days, although the Guarantee will no longer be valid, we will put the pedal to the metal to try and meet your expedited closing!

Factors that can impact the Guarantee:
Although we work extremely hard to ensure smooth-sailing every step of the way, there are special circumstances that can occur outside GTE control. Every effort will be made to mitigate those rare occurrences to avoid any changes; the preservation of your Closing Date is always our #1 priority. Situations where the Closing Date could be impacted and the Money Back Guarantee would no longer apply include:

  • A requested closing less than 30 days
  • A buyer requested change of closing date
  • Missed Borrower Documentation Date - List of typically required documents
  • If critical borrower information has changed from the time of the application (ex. change in assets, new debt, change in jobs - even if you have the same salary, changing employer can impact the loan)
  • Repairs are needed on the property before a closing can occur
  • The appraisal does not come back within the expected timeframe and/or additional work must be done
  • Issues with the title that need to be corrected

Our ultimate goal is a happy homeowner, which is why we guarantee our service or pay you $1,000! If you have any questions, or would like to speak to a Loan Executive about our fantastic home loan options, click here for live chat or contact us at 1.888.871.2690 ext. 40407.


Guarantee starts for eligible loans applied for on/after July 1, 2017. Construction, end loans, refinances with subordinate second mortgages, investment loans and wholesale loans through a broker, loans that have been denied for credit or withdrawn are ineligible for the Closing Date Money-Back Guarantee. Must be owner-occupied. *For the Guarantee to be valid: For a Purchase, upon receipt of a fully-executed sales contract, the agreed upon closing date must be a minimum of 30 days out and borrower documents, as well as the appraisal funding, must be supplied electronically within 5 days. For a Refinance, upon completion of an initial approved application (application will still be subject to underwriting and could still be declined), the agreed upon closing date must be a minimum of 30 days out and borrower documents, as well as the appraisal funding, must be supplied electronically within 5 days. Program is subject to change or cancellation without notice. GTE will only pay out $1,000 one time.

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