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Home Equity Loan

$100 LandingHome Equity Loan 

Description: A Home Equity Loan offers you a fixed interest rate. It is a closed ended loan that provides a set payment amount and term. Home Equity Loans are usually the best choice if you know how much is needed for a home and want the ability to pay a mortgage over a long period of time.

Best Choice If:

  • You prefer fixed monthly payments that won’t change.
  • If you need a loan for $10,000 and/or up to $250,000
  • A longer loan term is necessary.

Other Features:

  • Interest rates are locked in over the life of the loan (7 or 15 years) - Lock in today’s low rates.
  • Since a Home Equity Loan, it is a one-time, lump sum with a set payment amount.
  • May be used as a tax deduction – consult your tax advisor.

Want to learn more about Home Equity Loans and how they may help you? Call us 24/7 at 888.871.2690, ext. 40436 or apply online for a credit pre-approval. You can also visit a Community Financial Center and may be pre-qualified in just 5 minutes! 

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