Refinance Loans

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About Refinance Loans

You may be looking to save money, lower your monthly payment or take advantage of the equity in your home to get cash out. Start your research by learning more about GTE Financial’s great-rate refinance loans. Click here to view our daily rates page.

  • Refinancing 101

    Want to learn more about refinancing! We break down the process into 4 easy steps from deciding whether a refi is right for you, to closing on your loan.

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  • HARP

    The Home Affordable Refinance Program was designed to assist homeowners with lowering their payment, even if their home is severely underwater.

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  • FHA Rate & Term Refinance

    An FHA Refinance was designed to help homeowners with less than perfect credit, or homeowners that may not have the necessary equity in their home, qualify to an advantageous refinance loan.

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  • Fixed Rate

    Fixed Rate mortgages are great options for homeowners looking for a locked-in rate for the entire life of the loan. This loan type ensures your payments will be predictable and stable.

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  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage

    An ARM may be a great option for a refinance loan because of the comparably low interest rate. View all of our unique ARM products.

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