TAMPA, FL January 2022: GTE is dedicated to prioritizing people over profits by supporting local charities through several different initiatives throughout the year. In 2021, GTE Financial raised and donated $506,114.55 to local charities, organizations, and programs within the Tampa Bay community. GTE's efforts helped students pay for college, assisted families in need during the holidays, and supported local charities to continue doing the great work they do in the community.

"Philanthropy is woven into the DNA of our organization and our people," comments CEO of GTE Financial, Brain Best. "Throughout the year, both our employees and members rally around our philanthropic efforts giving them a strong sense of pride by knowing they are making a difference in the community. It makes me incredibly proud to lead an organization that truly lives up to the credit union philosophy of 'people helping people. We are thrilled to see our impact in 2021 and cannot wait to build upon last year's impact in 2022."

GTE Financial focuses on several initiatives throughout the year to raise funds for organizations within the Tampa Bay community. These include their monthly charities, which are entirely employee-run, grants from the GTE Foundation, charitable sponsorships, scholarship programs, and their holiday-focused "Make Hope Real" campaign. Of the $506,114.55, $122,066.20, along with over 1,200 volunteer hours from employees, despite most being virtual, were dedicated to GTE Financial's monthly charities. These funds were raised for 12 local charities - Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay, the American Heart Association, and Feeding Tampa Bay, among others. 

In 2022, GTE will continue supporting the Tampa Bay community through its several annual philanthropic initiatives. Some charities slated for assistance this year include Tighten the Drag Foundation, Southeastern Guide Dogs, Police Athletic League, and Metro. Additionally, GTE Financial's annual scholarship program, another of GTE's yearly initiatives, also begins accepting member candidates on February 1, 2022. To learn more about GTE's impact on the community, visit