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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the electronic transfer of your paycheck, Social Security benefit, pension, annuity check, or other payment into your account. Your entire paycheck can be distributed in any combination to your accounts each pay period.

Why use Direct Deposit?

  • Direct Deposit increases the safety and convenience of processing your check. You no longer need to worry about your paper check being lost or stolen and having to wait in line to cash it.
  • With Direct Deposit, your money is protected. Government agencies have rules in place to protect you in case of error. The Social Security Administration has used Direct Deposit since 1976 and has never lost a payment.
  • Direct Deposit is also more confidential because fewer people are involved in processing your payment.

Direct Deposit into Checking

When you choose to have your paycheck deposited to your checking account, you simply provide your employer with your complete 13 digit account number and our routing number, which is located on the bottom of your account checks.

Click here to download the Direct Deposit form to give to your employer.


Direct Deposit into Savings

If you choose to have your paycheck deposited to a credit union savings account, provide your employer with your complete savings account number and routing number. You can find your savings account number on your monthly statement or through your online banking account listing.

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