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Checking Services Tailored for You

GTE checking accounts offer you fantastic services such as the ability to earn GTE Go Points rewards for enrolling in financial features, an option to receive your paycheck early, Overdraft Protection or Courtesy Pay, account balances alerts, and online check ordering.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the electronic transfer of your paycheck, Social Security benefit, pension, annuity check, or other payment into your account. Direct Deposit increases the safety and convenience of processing your check. You no longer need to worry about your paper check being lost or stolen and having to wait in line to cash it. Your entire paycheck can be distributed in any combination to your accounts each pay period. You can even earn Go Points for enrolling!

Looking for the routing and account number? GTE Financial's routing number is 263182794, the account number is unique to your relationship with GTE and can be found by logging into Online Banking.

Click here to download the form to give to your employer and enroll in Direct Deposit with your checking account.

Early Paycheck

Want to receive your paycheck a day early? For only $3 per deposit, you can! You work hard for your money, and who doesn't like to receive it faster? Well, with GTE's Early Paycheck option, now you can have access to your funds a day quicker. The deposit will only be posted early if your employer has transferred the money on-time.

  • Have a checking and/or savings account with GTE. You must also have your Direct Deposit tied to one of the accounts.
  • Then, opt-in to receiving the paycheck early in Online Banking for only $2 per paycheck.

How to Enroll

  • Step 1: Login to Online Banking
  • Step 2: Choose which accounts you would like to opt-in to Early Paycheck for. Please note that you must have Direct Deposit going into the account you enroll in.


Overdraft Protection

In the event you have non-sufficient funds in your checking account when you go to make a purchase or complete a transaction, you can have available funds automatically transferred from another GTE account like a Savings, Special Savings, Money Market account, or even a Personal Line of Credit to cover the costs. 

To add one of your accounts as overdraft protection:

Account Balance Alert

When your balance is getting low, you may want to avoid an overdraft. Or, maybe you want an alert when you’ve reached a certain savings goal! You can setup a custom Account Balance Notification within Online Banking. 
This is a free service that will help you have more control over your money.

  • Login to Online Banking
  • Under ‘Alerts and Subscriptions’ in the main navigation, click on ‘Notifications’
  • Then, click ‘Add New Account Balance Notification’ and then follow the requested steps

Courtesy Pay

Allows you to overdraw your checking account, to a limit, if funds are not available when a transaction posts*. For example, if your car breaks down, and you don’t have enough money in your checking to pay for it, Courtesy Pay may be helpful. Instead of being declined and stuck on the side of the road, Courtesy Pay will allow you to pay for the repairs, even if you don't have the funds in your account to cover the costs. 

  • If you are enrolled in Courtesy Pay, GTE will review the cost of the transaction and if approved, in essence will front those costs, up to your approved limit, for a small fee of $35.00 per covered item.
  • The full amount of the overdraft balance is due immediately, or at the latest, within 14 days from the date of the occurrence.

To have this benefit applied to your ATM/Debit Card transactions, you must be opted-in. Every member is automatically enrolled for Check/ACH transactions.

Complete the Courtesy Pay Form and reply by mail.

All GTE checking accounts are eligible for Courtesy Pay except for the Go Further account.

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