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Debt Payments with Visa®

Visa_LandingPageImage.jpgChanges in Visa® Credit Card Loan Payment Guidelines

Starting in July

Some of our members may use their Visa credit card to pay their loans with us or with another financial institution.  Unfortunately, beginning in July, Visa will no longer allow loan payments to be made with a Visa credit card. The changes to the guidelines only limit the use of Visa Credit Cards for loan or other debt repayments and does not impact the use of Visa Debit Cards or Cash Cards for loan or other debt repayment.

If you use a Visa credit card to pay a loan or other debt, the transaction will be declined and can result in a late charge to be assessed or show passed due in the credit bureaus.

What you should know:

  • Visa will no longer permit their credit cards to be utilized to make loan or other debt repayments.
  • If you use a Visa Credit Card to make a loan or other debt repayment, the user will receive the following message "Credit card type invalid for account - Please Enter a Valid Debit Card Number or Use a Bank Account."
  • If you use a Visa Debit or any other acceptable card brand, the transaction will proceed to authorization because the payment is being drawn specifically from your checking account.

How to prevent a late charge or a declined transaction?

  • Don’t despair! You can link your loan or other debt repayments to your GTE Financial checking or savings account and avoid a late charge or declined transaction.
  • You can set-up automatic loan payments from one GTE account to your loan or from another bank to your GTE loan by calling Member Care at 1.888.871.2690 or
    sign up for Bill Pay here!
  • You can also link your GTE debit card to your loan or other debt repayments.

*Please note: GTE Financial was not responsible for the new Visa Credit Card Guideline changes.

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