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GTE Cards App

Want to turn your card on & off?

We’ve got you covered!

As part of GTE's New Card Experience rolling out this Summer, it was very important to begin offering some of the features that members have really been asking for! Every card member will receive a BRAND NEW beautiful and more durable card in the mail this Summer, as our way of helping to start fresh, protect your account and also ensure you have our BEST CARD EVER in-hand, ready to use. Best of all, you'll now have greater controls over your card! 

Download the GTE Cards App 

New Control Features!

Now, there's new ways to keep the fraudsters at bay! GTE Cards is built for members looking to enhance personalized control over their card. You’ve heard of the ability to turn your card on or off if it’s lost or stolen. Every card will have that feature now!

For example, let’s say in the past, you’ve been leery about gas stations and skimming devices. Turn off gas stations with a simple swipe until you are legitimately buying gas! You can limit transaction types and spend amounts too. As soon you make an adjustment in the app, your card instantly responds. A waiter at a restaurant could run your card with the ‘restaurant’s' category turned off, and with one toggle swipe, run it again with restaurants turned on…and voila! The purchase goes through; it’s that instant and responsive. With the GTE Cards App, you’ll also be able to set-up custom alerts, view transactions and link accounts.

  • Add multiple cards – debit or credit!
  • Quickly see total spend, card status, deposits and recurring spend for each card.
  • Turn your card on or off instantly using the toggle feature.
  • Manage transactions by location, region or internationally.
  • Enable merchant controls – you can literally choose from a host of merchant categories for super custom preferences.
  • Whether you are buying at a store, shopping online, ordering something via the mail, by phone or even using an ATM, there are extra control settings for that!
  • You can also choose to deny transactions exceeding a transaction limit.
  • All of these controls can be easily adjusted on-the-fly based on the situation…and there’s no lag time! When you update a control, it updates instantly.


If traveling out of your normal spending area, members will now enjoy extended support hours 7 DAYS A WEEK from 7am to 8pm. Simply give us a buzz prior to hitting the road to ensure your card works perfectly on the go. In addition to more convenient call center support, the GTE Cards App provides members looking to self-serve, new card control options, with no call necessary.

How to access!

Once you download the GTE Cards App 1x, all of your card controls will then be available in the GTE Mobile App so you can do all your banking fun in one spot!

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