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Verified by Visa

The security of your GTE Financial Visa® Platinum Credit Card purchases is our top priority. You’re always protected against unauthorized purchases made with your card. But now, you can help prevent unauthorized purchases before they even happen.

  • Verified by Visa is a service, exclusively for Visa cardholders, that offers you added safety by helping ensure that only you can use your Visa card online. You simply create a unique password to confirm your identity.

  • You CAN activate Verified by Visa for your GTE Visa card in two ways: Activate now or activate when shopping.

Activate your card now

To activate your card anytime, visit the Verified by Visa portion of Visa's website. You’ll verify your identity, create your Verified by Visa password and you’re done.

Activate your card during shopping

Activating your card while you are shopping is quick and easy. When you shop at participating stores, you’ll see a prompt on the screen. Enter your information to activate your card and make your purchase. Click here to view participating stores.

Remember, even if you do not anticipate ever purchasing on the internet, enrolling in Verified by Visa helps protect your account number so that others cannot fraudulently make online transactions.

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