About Insurance Services

GTE Financial has you covered! Our Insurance Services team is a made up of independent insurance agents that have established relationships with a range of reputable insurance carriers. We offer members affordable solutions for property, personal and business insurance. We’re here to ensure you get the coverage you need at the best possible value.

Request a quote and get helpful insurance information at the Insurance Services website.

  • Personal Insurance

    Download our Personal Insurance brochure.

    • Life – Protect your family’s financial security after a tragedy
    • Accidental Death and Dismemberment – Be covered up to $250,000
    • Health & Dental – Cost effective coverage for your physical wellbeing
    • Identity Protection – Get fraud monitoring and resolution in the event someone steals your identity
    • Pet – Protect against unexpected and potentially high-cost vet visits
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  • Property Insurance

    Download our Property Insurance brochure.

    • Auto – Learn more about our wide range of automobile insurance options
    • Homeowners – Cover loss due to fire, theft and natural disaster
    • Condominium – Protect your possessions and expenses in the event of damage
    • Flood Insurance –Living in Florida, flooding can pose a serious risk to your home
    • Home Warranty Program – Help pay for costly repairs and replacement of appliances, air conditioning, electrical and much more
    • Boat , Watercraft and RV – Insure the motors, trailers and portable equipment, even towing if it becomes disabled
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