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As most Floridians know, the period immediately following a storm can be stressful, concerning, and a bit scary. Credit Union Insurance Services is available to help you through the post-storm craziness.

CUIS works with a variety of insurance companies in order to provide you with the best coverage to fit your unique situation. If have questions and need to contact your provider, just click the button below to access our provider directory.

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Additional Post-Storm Insurance Tips

  • Even if you have an insurance policy and your vehicle is a total loss due to the storm, it is important that you keep making loan payments on the vehicle for the insurance to remain intact. Not making a payment can also negatively impact your credit, which can compound an already stressful situation. If you have concerns about your payment, please reach out to the We Can Help team. 
  • Take pictures of your damages. If possible and with safety in mind, make emergency repairs as needed to stop further damage and keep your receipts.
  • If you have damages and want to make a claim, contact your insurance company first. Your company is the fastest way to start the claims process. 
  • Traditionally, you would call your company to make a claim. Right now, you might have long hold times to call in a claim. Some companies have the ability to take a claim on their website.  Company websites can get the claims process going much quicker. Some even allow you to upload photos of the damage to help detail the damage.
  • Things to review with your insurance policy:
    • What caused the damage and do you have coverage for this type of damage? Wind/hurricance, flood, fire, etc.
    • What is your wind/hurricane deductible? This is usually higher than other perils and generally a percentage of Coverage A.
    • What is damaged and is it considered – Dwelling (Coverage A) or Other Structures (Coverage B)? Sheds and mailboxes might be considered Other Structures.
    • Some companies excluded or cap damages to screened enclosures specifically. If you have damage to your screened enclosure, how does your policy respond?
  • If you have damage to your home, check and see if your homeowner’s insurance company has an approved list of contractors. Some insurance companies can deal with their approved list of contractors quicker than non-approved contractors. 
  • Some contractors may ask you to sign a form titled "Assignment of Benefits" - do not sign it. If you sign an Assignment of Benefits form, you will no longer have the right to receive any insurance payments and such payments will belong to the contractor. This can complicate, delay, reduce, and possibly result in the denial of a claim settlement. If you have questions about a form from the contractor, call your insurance company or claims adjuster before signing it.
  • Generally, claims adjusters have to see the damage before determining coverage or potential pay out. They may need to access your home and use the latest technology to help with their process.  For example, many companies use drones to survey the damage.
  • Keep calm and remember there are lots of claims out there. Your claim will be put in a queue based on when it came in and how many claims they have received. They will get to you, but it may take some time.

Beware of Irma Scammers

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