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1-Click Lending

1-click-2017-Landing-Page-Image.jpgGet financing in a click! 

Through GTE Financial’s brand new service, 1-Click Lending, you can find out what loan offers are available to you, and get financing started in a click of a button. 

View My Offers!

Viewing your pre-approved offers is easy!

It’s simple to view the loans  you are already pre-approved for at GTE Financial. Just log in to Online Banking and follow these steps:

  1. Hover over “Loans” in the main ribbon.
  2. Click “1-Click Lending,” the last option in this column.
  3. Select a lending offer to begin the financing process.

Have other questions about what loans you may be eligible for? Call 813.871.2690 extension 40436 to discuss your loan options. You can also visit one of our Community Financial Centers to discuss your lending options in person.

Want More?

While 1-Click Lending offers our members one pre-approved offer at a time, you may be eligible for more! Interested in taking advantage of multiple offers that you are pre-approved for? Want to accept an offer you are pre-approved for but are interested in a larger loan amount? Click below to take the next step!

Get More!

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