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Everything You Need to Know

1. Why New Cards?

We realize how important having a reliable and feature-rich card can be! GTE also realized that our card experience could be much better. That’s why we’ve gone back to the drawing board. GTE actually mapped out 72 member card experiences and have plans to enhance them all!

2. Every member with a debit and/or credit card will receive a BRAND NEW card in the mail!

That means every member will receive our enhanced, more durable design! For credit card members, we will also be reissuing a new card number, expiration and CVV code for added protection. For our debit card members, the card number will remain the same, however the expiration and CVV code will be also be updated, again as a proactive way to stay ahead of the fraudsters and start fresh with a new card!

Plus, as part of our new card communication, if you have bills that are paid from your existing credit card or debit card, we will do our absolute best to provide those merchants to you, so updating any card information is as easy as possible.

3. When will my new card arrive?

The new credit cards will start to be mailed in July and the new debit cards will begin mailing in August! Knowing snail mail can be a bit boring, we wanted to amp it up! Look out for a creative series of mailers built to reward you and keep you informed of key info! A White, Blue, Purple and Green envelope will be arriving in your mailbox this Summer.

The first letter in the series will be mailed in May to credit card members. Click here for additional important dates, that we will be adding to.

4. Will I need to activate my new card?

Great question! When you receive your new card, there will be information on how to activate your card…PLUS exciting offers to say thank you for your business and membership. Click here to view promotions!

Please pay special attention to the activation deadline within your Purple and Green letter. After a certain date, your card will be closed to help prevent potential fraud. The activation deadline date will vary per card member. But, not to worry! The GTE Financial team is ready to help if you should need any assistance at all.  

In addition, as part of our new card communication, if you have bills that are paid from your existing credit card or debit card, we will do our absolute best to provide those merchants to you, so updating any card information is as easy as possible!

5. What promotions are going on?

To kick-off our New Card Experience right, we wanted to celebrate big! Click here to view all the ways you can win awesome prizes and take advantage of special card offers.

6. Did you extend call center hours?

We sure did! Our goal is for 98% of our card-related calls to be answered by REAL, Tampa Bay-based GTE employees. In the past, like many financial institutions in the industry, we relied on third party call centers to assist our members during off-hours, which can lead to a disjointed experience at times. That’s all changing!

We’ve expanded our call center hours from Monday to Friday 7:30am to 6pm and Saturday from 9am to 1pm to our new hours of 7am to 8pm, 7 DAYS A WEEK. These new hours are for our call center as well as our Live Chat team. Yay more convenience!

Not only have we extended hours, we’ve also elevated our call center game to better serve our valued membership. The GTE team is extremely excited to offer you more holistic service if you ever need to call in!

7. What about fraud?

Great question! Unfortunately, Florida continues to be the #1 state for fraud and identity theft. That’s why GTE decided to get proactive, introducing new products like a Go Premium Checking account with GTE Secure™, offering full reports from all three credit bureaus (Experian charges $39.99 for one report), in addition to your updated credit score, insurance if fraud occurs, a fraud expert who will help you from start to finish, cell phone protection, plus identity monitoring for your whole family in case your SSN or other non-financial information is compromised…we’ve got you covered!

We know fraud is not going away. Although fraud will always be an unpleasant event, we want to make the experience as painless as possible!

That’s why as part of our New Card Experience initiative, our goal is to provide the BEST FRAUD resolution experience in the industry! Our team is committed to offering better communication, easier ways to report fraud, more control and cutting-edge solutions to help prevent fraud in the first place. Look out for our new Online Fraud Smart Form COMING June 24, 2019. 

Make sure to also enroll in TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) within Online Banking! If you ever have fraud, we will text you updates on your case. Login for more info

8. Can I turn my card on and off?

Sure can! We now will be offering the GTE Cards App, built for members looking to enhance personalized control over their card. You’ve heard of the ability to turn your card on or off if it’s lost or stolen. Every card will have that feature now!

Even better, there’s additional ways to keep the fraudsters at bay with the GTE Cards App. Click to learn more.

9. What if I ever need a new card?

Did you know GTE Financial is one of the only financial institutions in the Tampa Bay area to offer a card on-the-spot at EVERY location?

Yep. It used to be only certain types of cards were available to receive immediately.

Now, with our New Card Experience, no matter what kind of card you have at GTE, members will be able to receive a new card instantly at every Community Financial Center—no waiting 5-10 business days to access your money.  

10. Is anything changing with the card product?

For Go Points members, you will still earn awesome rewards points for purchases and other credit union activities, as you do today, with one big change :) Now, Go Premier (Go Signature) Credit Card members will also receive 3x points on Restaurants, starting June 24, 2019! This is a big new rewards benefit to help members rack up points even faster.

Best of all, Go Points is absolutely FREE to members as our way of saying thank you and providing meaningful value back. On average, active Go Points members earned $54 last year alone.

Check out our rewards promotions going on now.

  • We’ve also amped up our Business Card game! Click here to see the new features.
  • Credit cards will also receive new Mastercard™ benefits now. Click for more details.
  • What about your accounts? The checking account your debit card is linked to will not be changing at this time—you’ll access your account as you do today! Any benefits you also have with your GTE Checking Account are still good to go.
  • In addition, for credit card members that have joints on their account , as an added benefit for greater fraud protection, joint members will receive a distinct card number. This way, if your daughter who is a joint on your credit card account accidentally loses the card, since she has a separate card number now, you can keep using your card while we get her set-up with a replacement!

More great information is coming your way!

As part of this exciting roll-out, each card member will receive a special series of mailers. Look out for your White, Blue, Purple and Green envelopes in the mail. Communications will start going out in May! Click for more important dates.

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