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New Business Card Info

Providing new benefits that are a priority to Small Business Members

We’ve enhanced our cards!

At GTE Financial, our Small Business team is heavily focused on providing meaningful solutions that help owners build more, grow more and earn more. And, that includes offering features to assist with simplifying the day-to-day. Now offering the Mastercard® Businesscard, members will receive new benefits centered around what businessowners’ value most:

  1. Safety & Security
  2. Operational Efficiency
  3. Ease of Travel

As part of GTE's New Card Experience launch, Business Credit Cardholders will now enjoy enhanced cybersecurity and identity theft protection, mobile receive capture, extra savings and Mastercard Biz, at no additional cost to the business owner!

  • Mastercard Easy Savings® provides best-in-class merchant-funded rebates. Simply shop at an awesome array of top retailers and receive a rebate for FREE.
  • Software can be expensive! Business members will now benefit from discounts for Intuit™ products, such as QuickBooks and TurboTax.
  • Members that are traveling will also receive Mastercard Global Emergency Services, MasterRental™ for car rentals while traveling as well as Mastercard Golf Privileges!
  • Click here for our full Guide to Benefits. 

New Cards Coming Your Way

  • In addition, every card member will receive a BRAND NEW CARD design featuring a beautiful new look, card number, expiration date and CVV...fully enhanced for durability! Click to view the latest schedule.
  • Business debit cards will all be mailed to your business address. This includes all cardholders that you have added to your account as well. If there are 5 different cardholders, your main business address will receive all 5 of the cards and will be addressed to the business or business owner.
  • Business debit cards will all be mailed to the individual cardholders address, not the business owners!
  • All cardholders will use their personal address, rather than their business address when making purchases. This includes online, and in situations where you enter your pin such as a gas station. This goes for all cardholders, not just the business owner!
  • WIN BIG! As a special thank you for utilizing your GTE card, learn more about your special promotions and prizes! Click here .
  • Check out the Top 10 Awesome New Card Tidbits, showcasing the latest and greatest info on GTE’s New Card enhancements!
  • Want more control? The ability to turn your card on or off? It’s here! Click to learn more about the GTE Cards App!

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