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New Card Carnival Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for the New Card Carnival Promotion

Below you find complete details on each promotion going on during the New Card Carnival. As part of our brand New Card Experience, card members will receive special ways to WIN BIG! This is our way of thanking existing and new card members for their valued business. The campaigns are separated into two buckets – promotions for Credit Card members and promotions for Debit Card members. If a member happens to have both cards, they will be eligible for both types of promotions! Parameters for members with multiple Credit Card(s) or Debit Card(s) can vary per campaign, so please read complete details below.

  • All promotions outlined below are paid for by GTE Federal Credit Union DBA GTE Financial.
  • Winners if applicable will be selected by the specified promotional dates at 711 East Henderson Ave. Tampa, FL 33602. Entrants do not need to be present to win. Odds of winning will be determined by the number of eligible entries received.
  • Promotions are open to Florida residents only, 18 years or older and must be GTE Financial members in good standing.
  • Tax ramifications may apply; please consult a tax specialist if needed and complete any necessary tax requirements.
  • Selected winners if applicable will be notified using contact information on-file at the time the winners are selected. Winners will receive up to three attempts by phone and/or email to claim their prize before another winner is selected.
  • GTE Financial employees, board members, and supervisory committee members and their immediate family members are ineligible to win, unless specified below.**
  • For the names of the winners, please write to GTE Financial, ATTN: New Card Experience Promotions, P. O. Box 172599, Tampa, FL 33672-0599 and the names will be mailed or emailed to you.
  • For an alternate method of entry, for any of the promotions below, please write to GTE Financial, ATTN: New Card Experience Enter To Win, P. O. Box 172599, Tampa, FL 33672-0599 and please provide detailed information into what promotion you would like to be entered for.
  • GTE Financial will report winners as required by applicable law. Eligible entrants may be asked to provide proof of residency, age and credit union standing to GTE Financial.
  • Winners authorize GTE Financial to use their name and/or likeness in credit union materials as well as on social media.
  • By participating in promotions, the member agrees to receive information about products, services and offers from GTE Financial.
  • Neither GTE Financial nor its employees provide any warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to prizes, nor do employees assume any liability of any nature for any property loss, damage or personal injury occurring in connection with a promotion, prize and/or drawing.
  • All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. Void where prohibited by law.
  • By participating in promotions, entrants agree to abide by and be bound by these official rules and selected winners made by GTE Financial employees, which are final in all matters related to the following promotions.
  • GTE Financial reserves the right to disqualify a participant at any time. GTE Financial and all other related entities, their affiliates, subsidiaries, and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents, and any and all Internet service and access provider(s) are not responsible for: any incorrect or inaccurate entry information; human error, technical malfunctions; failures, omission, interruption, deletion, or defect of any telephone network, computer online systems, computer equipment, server providers or software, including any injury or damage to participant’s or any other person’s computer relating to or resulting from participation in a promotion; inability to access the GTE Financial website due to computer or electronic malfunction or traffic congestion on the Internet or on any website.

Credit Card Promotions

Get Excited about the MAIL!

Look out for your special series of LETTERS this Summer.

Big Ways to Win Big!


Starting in May, card members will begin to receive important and exciting information in their mailbox. Look out for your series of envelopes: White, Blue, Purple and Green! Within each letter, there is information about special promotions!

General Eligibility for MAILER PRIZES: For the mailer prizes described below, a member must meet the full eligibility requirements listed in the *Overall Promotional Rules and Regulations above and receive a letter with official details. A winner must also be a Credit Card member in good standing at the time the winner is selected. Go Premier/Go Signature, Go To, Go Forward and Business Credit Cards are eligible. One entry per card; a member with multiple cards can earn multiple entries. For all three opportunities to win, the winner will be selected as a drawing with odds-to-win based on eligible entrants.

The Blue mailer and Green mailer prize will need to be picked up at GTE Financial’s headquarters at 711 East Henderson Ave., Tampa, FL 33602. A GTE representative will contact the winner(s) to coordinate the prize pick-up.

1. Within the Blue mailer, there will be a special offer to win a 65” Big Screen HDTV!

  • In order to win the 65” Big Screen HDTV:
    • Promotional timeframe for entry: June 1 to July 15(Credit) & July 31 - August 15 (Debit)
    • Winner selection: July 17(Credit) & August 17 (Debit)
    • Must complete the ‘Activate Entry Form’ detailed in the Blue Mailer. Activation instructions will be provided in the letter.

2. Within the Purple mailer, learn how you can win a FREE Cruise Package for 4 + $5,000 by activating and utilizing your new card 3x within 30 days. This would include transactions at a store, online purchases and recurring payments! ATM transactions are not included.

  • In order to win the FREE Cruise Package for 4 + $5,000:
    • Promotional Deadline: September 30
    • Winner selection: Week of October 15
    • Please note, the exact promotional deadline will vary per member as exact eligibility dates are based on 30 days out from receiving the Purple mailer, with the latest possible entry date being September 30.
  • Cruise Package Details:
    • The Cruise Package will be mailed to the winner by October 15.
    • Please click here for full details and FAQs on the Cruise Package for 4.
  • Cash Prize Details:
    • Will be delivered as a lump sum into the members’ primary savings account at GTE Financial by October 31st.

3. Within the Green mailer, enter to win a Tech Prize Pack including an Apple Watch, iPad and Beats Headphones…perfect for keeping the whole family happy during the Summer.

  • In order to win the Tech Prize Pack:
    • Promotional timeframe for entry: August 14 to August 31 (Credit) & September 30 to October 15 (Debit)
    • Winner selection: September 3 (Credit) & October 17 (Debit)
    • Must complete the ‘Activate Entry Form’ detailed in the Green Mailer. Activation instructions will be provided in the letter.


  • For Go Premier (Go Signature) and Go To Credit Card Members, you’ll also have the opportunity to Spin-to-Win for every $100 you spend each month from July 15 to September 30! Be entered for the grand prize of $15,000, plus you could win Go Points instantly! Members Simply login to Online Banking and navigate to > Everything Else > Rewards > Go Points to access the Spin-to-Win wheel during the promotional period. Not enrolled in Go Points? Signing up is easy and FREE! Members received $54 in average value in 2018!


  • Additional promotional details:
    • Promotional timeframe for entry: July 15 to September 30
    • Winner selection: Week of October 31st
    • Please see *Overall Promotional Rules and Regulations.
    • The $15,000 grand prize as well as Go Points instant prizes will be paid in Go Points redeemable for cash or other available options within the Go Points program.
    • A winner must be a Credit Card member in good standing that is also enrolled in Go Points at the time the winner is selected.
    • The eligibility to Spin-to-Win is based on getting 1 spin for every $100 you spend in a given month through September 30th. As an example, if you spend $325 in a given month, you are eligible for 3 spins. Please note, July is not a full month; spending eligibility must be completed within the promotional timeframe. In addition, the $100 threshold does not roll-over; the $100 spend parameter will reset in August and then again in September. If you have spent $99 at the end of August, it will restart to $0 in September.
    • **While GTE Financial employees, board members, and supervisory committee members and their immediate family members are ineligible to win the $15,000 Grand Prize, employees are eligible to win Instant Go Points within the Spin-to-Win promotion.
    • If a member has more than one eligible card, their spending will be combined. For example if a member has a Go To and a Go Premier card and they spend $50 on each card, you would receive one spin.
    • Go Points is a FREE program to members. Your FREE enrollment can be completed in Online Banking. Click here to login!
    • The winner will be selected as a drawing with odds-to-win based on eligible entrants.
  • Don’t have a GTE card yet? Now is a great time to get in on the action!
    • 10,000 points by spending $3,000 in the first 3 months – Details
    • 0% APR for 12 billing cycles on balance transfers made in the first 60 days – Details
    • Yearly 1% Rate Refund for On-Time Payments + Upgrade Review – Details
  • GREAT NEWS: These Bonus Offers CAN be combined with the Mailer Prizes for GTE Card Carnival! Simply meet the requirements during the promotional period to qualify!

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