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When Things Are Happening

Want to know when things are happening?

We’ve got you covered!

As part of GTE's New Card Experience, we’ve made sure that all of these updates and new enhancements are smartly scheduled so our members always have access to their accounts and their cards.

Unsure of which card you've received!

If you're confused as to what card you've received in the mail, it's really easy! Which color is the card you've received?

Blue Card- GTE Go To Credit Card (mailed by early August)
Purple Card- GTE Go Premier Credit Card
(mailed by early August)
Green Card- GTE Go Forward Credit Card
(mailed by early August)
Black Card- GTE Debit Card (mailed late August through early November)

You can also now see all of the cards linked to your account in Online Banking by clicking on your credit card, and looking under account details!

Here is an overview:

  • For Credit Card members, you should have already received all of your letters, as well as your card! If you haven't received your new card yet, please call 888.871.2690!
  • For Debit Card members, you will also receive a series in the mail! The communication plan is very similar to Credit Card members, just with different timeframes. A White envelope, then Blue, Purple and Green will be hitting your mailbox starting in early July! Best of all, a BRAND NEW DEBIT card will be a part of this exciting kick-off! As with credit cards, not all members will receive their mailers at one time, so the below schedule does not include specific days. Tentative timeframes:
    • White Envelope: Early July
    • Blue Envelope: Late July
    • Purple Envelope: Late August to Early November
    • Green Envelope: Late November   
  • Within the new card letter series, important dates will also be included! Dates can vary per member. So, it will be important to note your specific card activation deadline to ensure uninterrupted access to your accounts and utilization of your new card. After a certain time period, your card will no longer be active; inactive cards can become a fraud risk for our members, so as a standard, cards are not left open indefinitely. 

Thank you so much for reading this information! We are thrilled to bring you a bigger and brighter card experience that is second-to-none. Please check out the rest of the New Card Experience website for the latest and greatest.

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