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Youth Reloadable Card

reload-Landing-Page-Image.jpgYouth Reloadable Card!

Now-a-days, plastic is everywhere.

Most kids know about cards in concept, but don’t necessarily get a chance to "practice!" They want to be financially independent, but how do you go about teaching money safely?

Members can now open a GTE Reloadable Youth Card for just $3 per month – fee waived with Direct Deposit! You control how much money is available, easily add funds, and there’s no fear of over-spending or incurring fees. The Youth Card offers money learning rewards, with very little risk.

It’s easy to get started!

  1. Visit a GTE Location or Call Us at 1.888.871.2690 
  2. If you visit a location, you'll receive a temporary card for immediate use - you'll then receive a permanent card with your embossed name in the mail within 10 business days
  3. If you call us, we'll send you the embossed card within 10 business days 
  4. The Member Advocate will fund the Youth Card from your GTE Account
  5. Reloading is easy:
  • Visit www.myprepaidbalance.com and set-up a Direct Deposit Reload for FREE + with Direct Deposit we'll waive your $3 per month fee
  • Reload at a GTE Community Financial Center for $4
  • Complete a reload with your Credit or Debit Card on www.myprepaidbalance.com for $10
  • Stop by a Western Union to reload funds (subject to Western Union fees)

Youth Card Quick Details:

  • Only $4.75 for purchase and set-up.
  • Just $3 per month - waived with Direct Deposit!
  • 18 and older can purchase for a youth 13 years or older.
  • The purchasing member would fund the card from their GTE account.
  • Minimum load value is $20 up to $3,000 per deposit.
  • Youth Card can be used anywhere MasterCard® Debit Cards are accepted in the United States or Internationally, including in-store, online or phone purchases.
  • Can also be used for withdrawals at an ATM or financial institution as well as a Cash Advance up to $500 – subject to transaction fees.
  • If you lose your card, it’s just $5 to get a new one – contact 1.800.827.6557!
  • Register online and check balances quickly at www.myprepaidbalance.com.
  • Members can set-up and update a PIN by contacting 1.800.827.6557.
  • Card also comes with account-related text alerts that you can set-up by calling the number on the back of the card.

The GTE Youth Card is a fantastic way to get your kids confident with money. You’ll enjoy controls that ensure it’s safe, friendly and simple, and they’ll love having a convenient way to access money and pay for things. WIN-WIN! Click here for additional FAQs.

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