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Savings Accounts and More


When you become a member of GTE Financial, you are also opening a primary savings account and a Member Owner Share with us. In addition to a primary account, members can also open a special savings account and utilize a host of other great services!

Members have tons of saving options!

  • Why Join?

    Welcome to a credit union that cares! Open a great savings account with benefits that you'll truly enjoy!

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  • Checking Account

    Open a Go Checking account with a free debit card, Online and Mobile Banking, Bill Pay, Deposit2GO and much more.

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  • Money Market Account

    Earn dividends on $100 and up with no minimum balance requirement. Withdraw funds when you need them with no penalties.

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  • Share Certificates

    If you have money you won’t need to access for a set period of time, the longer the duration the greater your potential dividends.

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  • Savings Insurance

    Deposit accounts are insured by the NCUA for up to $250,000. Learn more about additional coverage.

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  • Easy Deposits

    • Over 28,000 Free ATMs
    • Make deposits for free with your cell phone or scanner using Deposit2GO
    • Setup Direct Deposit
  • Regulation D

    Learn more about Regulation D and how it affects your transactions.

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