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52-Week Saving Challenge

52 Week Saving Challenge LogoSave the Easier Way!

You Have Nothing to Lose But Only Money to Gain!

Having trouble saving your money? Let GTE Financial help you reach your financial goals with the 52-Week Saving Challenge!

In 2019, GTE Financial challenges our members to save one extra dollar each week. 

GTE can help you with your New Year Resolution! If you start now and save a little more than one extra dollar every week you can reach $1,378 by the end of the year

Check out your entry counter on the 52-Week Saving Challenge Online Banking page. See Rules & Regulations for more info.

Will You Accept the Challenge?

Log in to Online Banking NOW and get signed up! This Saving Challenge is totally free to participate in, and your money is held in an interest-bearing account* that you are able to draw from at any time. 

To sum it up, here's why you should take on the 52-Week Saving Challenge:

  • We'll make it easy for you to save $1,378 by December 2019.
  • It's easy to keep track of through Online Banking
  • There's nothing to lose!


How does it work?

52 Week Screenshot

Just click on a new tile every week to put that money in your savings account. You can choose the next consecutive tile, or skip ahead and save a little more one week. It’s all up to you.

After you click and agree to transfer an amount from a selected account, this amount will be transferred to your 52-Week Saving Challenge account.

Kids are eligible for this challenge, too!

We have also created a 52-Week Early Saving Challenge for our Early Savers, members under 18. In this challenge, we encourage youth to save an additional dollar each month. So, for example, a child would save $1 for each week in January, and $2 for each week in February, and so on. This will amount to $312 by the end of the year.


*A member will earn 0.10% on balances over $100 in the 52-Week Saving Challenge account, just as they would with a Regular Share savings account. Annual Percentage Yield as of Dec. 1, 2015 and any fees could reduce earnings on this account. Annual percentage yields, terms and conditions subject to change without notice. Regulation D withdrawal limits apply to all share and money market accounts.

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