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Future Change Savings

$100 LandingAbout the Future Change Savings Account


GTE Financial offers a very unique Savings Account, only available with our Future Change App! This account offers the best of both worlds: The ability to save and spend at the same time! If you have a GTE Checking Account plus a GTE Auto and/or Home Loan, you can start using the Future Change App today. Once you download the App, it will walk you through opening up this unique account.

Round Up Your Change

  • Exclusive: The Future Change Savings Account is the only GTE Account that offers Round-Up and is only available when you download the Future Change App.
  • How it Works: With every swipe of your debit card, the change will automatically round up to the nearest dollar. Savings will be calculated in the evening, 1x per day.
  • View Savings: You can easily view your balance within the Future Change App, as well as in Online or Mobile Banking.
  • Magic Loan Math: The coolest part is the ability to take the coin you've rounded-up in your Future Change Savings Account and easily view the benefits of applying that extra mula to your GTE Home or Auto Loan. You'll quickly see how much you can save and how many payments you'd eliminate. If you like what you see, complete a transfer from your savings to your loan, all within the App!

Download the Future Change App today on Android or Apple!

Learn all about the Future Change App Read Future Change FAQs

View Savings Account Rates

Balance Dividend RateAPY*
*Annual Percentage Yield as of December 1, 2012 and any fees could reduce earnings on this account. Annual percentage yields, terms and conditions subject to change without notice. Regulation D withdrawal limits apply to all share and money market accounts.

Open the Account

  • Download the Future Change App on your Android or Apple Device.
  • Follow the prompts to open up your Future Change Savings Account.
  • In order to use the Future Change App, make sure you have a GTE Checking Account, Early Checking Account, or College Checking Account and a GTE Auto or Home Loan.
  • The Future Change Savings Account is only available with the Future Change App!


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