Smart Chip EMV Technology

AboutChecking.pngSmart Chip Technology is Here!

GTE Financial has rolled out Smart Chip (EMV) Technology for all of its card products to help keep our members' money safer! Smart Chips have been used overseas as a great way to mitigate fraudulent activity. We are excited to introduce this feature FREE to all members. 

Quick Benefits Snapshot:

  • All GTE members in 2015 will be issued a new Smart Chip Debit Card! 
  • Smart Chip Debit Cards will also be available for instant issue at Community Financial Centers. 
  • For Smart Chip Cards, insert the card chip first when using a GTE ATM or when making purchases at an EMV check-out terminal. 
  • For non-Smart Chip Cards, you can use the magnetic stripe on the back to swipe to make purchases. You'll insert the card GTE logo first at a GTE ATM!
  • Learn more about EMV Debit Cards and Credit Cards!

Video: How to Use Your Card at a GTE ATM



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GTE Financial Debit Cards

Quick Use Tips: Look for the metallic chip to know whether your GTE card is equipped with EMV technology! If it is, remember to insert the card chip first when checking out or at a GTE ATM. If for some reason the store you are at does not have Smart Chip terminals, simply swipe using the magnetic stripe on the back. For standard cards without EMV, when at a GTE ATM, insert the card logo first, with the magnetic stripe on the right-hand side!

  debit-card.jpg     debit-emv-card.jpg    80th-debit-emv-card.jpg

GTE Financial Credit Cards

Quick Use Tips: GTE Credit Cards have the same utilization tips as GTE Debit Cards. If it has a chip, insert chip first into an ATM or when making purchases at check-out. If it does not have a chip, go ahead and swipe using the magnetic strip on the back of the card.  

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