Business Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards

More purchasing power in every swipe

Zero annual fee & up to 4%* savings on every purchase

Unlock the potential of your business with the GTE Business Mastercard®. Designed for entrepreneurs who demand both flexibility and efficiency in managing their finances, our card comes with no annual fee and a suite of powerful tools to streamline your expense management.

Empower your financial management

Elevate your approach to business expenses with a high credit limit and no annual fee, complemented by free employee cards to streamline spending across your team.

> Zero annual fee: Maximize your budget with no cost for card maintenance.
> High credit limit: Access up to $50,000 to fuel your business operations and cash flow.

Innovate with digital tools

Harness the power of technology to monitor expenses in real-time, categorize business transactions separately, and digitally store receipt images for efficient record-keeping.

> Digital expense management*: Snap and store receipt photos digitally; track and categorize business expenses with ease, keeping them separate from personal expenditures.

Maximize savings on operations

Unlock exclusive rebates up to 4%* at a wide range of merchants, alongside discounts on essential business services, underpinned by comprehensive security features for peace of mind.

> Exclusive savings*: Enjoy automatic rebates of up to 4%* at over 50,000 participating merchants through the Mastercard© Easy Savings program, plus discounts on essential business services like QuickBooks, TurboTax, Salesforce Essentials, and Microsoft Advertising through Mastercard©. 
> Comprehensive protection*: Benefit from Mastercard© Free Cell Phone Insurance, Ride Share Protection, and $0 Fraud Liability for complete peace of mind.

Additional perks for your businesses

> Free employee cards: Issue cards to your team with preset spending limits, enabling controlled and efficient expense management across your business.

> Seamless integration*: Easily link your card to QuickBooks and TurboTax for streamlined financial reporting and savings on services.

Elevate your business financial management today

Get started with the GTE Business Mastercard® and experience a partnership that extends beyond credit, offering security, savings, and the tools you need to manage your business effectively. 

Connect with us

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Features & Benefits

  • $0 annual fee
  • Free employee cards
  • Personalized spending limits
  • Mastercard® exclusive benefits*
  • Automatic rebates*
  • Digital expense monitoring
  • Access to QuickBooks and TurboTax*

All credit cards are subject to approval. 

*Perks and benefits are offered through Mastercard©. You may need to register your card. Please select 'View Additional Benefits' button to refer to the Guide to Benefits for terms and conditions.