Learning Programs

Learning Programs

GTE Elevate Financial Wellness

GTE Financial is raising the bar in financial education!

Whether you are hoping to elevate your financial knowledge or improve the way you make financial decisions, this robust, interactive learning program will provide the right tools that can lead to a healthier and more sound financial future. GTE Elevate is offered for FREE to all GTE Financial members.

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Financial foundations

Benefits of a Credit Union, Checking Account Basics, Savings, Overdraft

Building financial capability

Budgeting, Debt Management, Inflation Impact

Investing in your future 

Build emergency savings, estate planning, investments, and financing higher education

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GTE also offers credit-building products designed to take your credit to the next level!
Get started with Credit Building 101.  

Home loan video series

We've created a series of videos designed to educate our members throughout their homebuying journey. If you're not sure where to start or just want a little more guidance buying or selling, check out our HomeAdvantage program.

Meet your Money Mentor

Ready to take the next step to enhance your financial wellness?

When things don’t add up, you can count on GTE to lead you to financial freedom. Whether you have questions, concerns, or goals you want to share, your Money Mentor is here to motivate you and elevate your financial experience every step of the way.

Click the button below to get started with a money mentor for financial counseling.

For more details, contact our Financial Wellness Department at 813.871.2690 or toll-free 1.888.871.2690 ext. 44601, or email FinancialWellness@gtefinancial.org.