Share Certificates

Now is The Time

Save your money in a special Share Certificate account.

The longer you keep your money in a Share Certificate, the higher your yield. With a Share Certificate, you earn a higher yield than a traditional savings account and the minimum deposit is only $500.



Features & Benefits

  • Open with as little as $500
  • Some of the best rates in the nation
  • Variety of term options
  • Open online in minutes
  • Federally Insured by NCUA


As High As
0.40% APY*

60 Month Share Certificate | 0.40% Dividend Rate
0.35% APY*

48 Month Share Certificate | 0.35% Dividend Rate
0.30% APY*

36 Month Share Certificate | 0.30% Dividend Rate
0.25% APY*

30 Month Share Certificate | 0.25% Dividend Rate
0.20% APY*

30 Month Step-Up Share Certificate | 0.20% Dividend Rate
0.20% APY*

24 Month Share Certificate | 0.20% Dividend Rate
0.15% APY*

18 Month Share Certificate | 0.15% Dividend Rate
0.10% APY*

12 Month Share Certificate | 0.10% Dividend Rate
0.05% APY*

6 Month Share Certificate | 0.05% Dividend Rate
*APY=Annual Percentage Yield as of July 29, 2020. You may not add any additional money to your certificate after opening. Dividends compound monthly and are paid on the last day of the month and at maturity. There are no penalties for monthly dividend withdrawals. Early withdrawal penalties may or will apply if the certificate is closed before the maturity date. Any monthly withdrawals or transfers reduce earnings. Certificate rates may change weekly. You are not locked into a rate until you open or renew your certificate. No withdrawals may be made on a GTE Financial Share Certificate in the first 60 days of account opening.