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Share Certificates

Share Certificates

Open A Share Certificate Today

Grow your savings as big as your goals!

With certificate rates rising, now is the perfect time to lock your savings into a higher yield account. It is a safe way to help your money grow and members can open with as little as $500! So, whether your savings goals are big or small, GTE is here to help you achieve them.

TermDividend RateAPY*
6 months2.25%2.27%
12 months5.00%5.12%
18 months4.25%4.33%
24 months3.45%3.51%
30 months3.25%3.30%
30 months Bump Up**3.35%**3.40%**
36 months3.20%3.25%
48 months3.10%3.14%
60 months3.00%3.04%

Jumbo Share Certificates

Maximize your earnings on opening deposits of $100,000 or more with a Jumbo Share Certificate.

TermDividend RateAPY*
6 months2.50%2.53%
12 months5.25%5.38%
18 months4.50%4.59%
24 months3.70%3.76%
30 months3.50%3.56%
36 months3.45%3.51%
48 months3.35%3.40%
60 months3.25%3.30%

Looking for a safe bet for retirement?

An IRA Share Certificate is an individual retirement account that combines tax advantages of a Traditional IRA or Roth IRA with the security of a share certificate.***

Features & Benefits

  • Open with as little as $500
  • Some of the best rates in the nation
  • Variety of term options
  • Open online in minutes
  • Federally Insured by NCUA


As High As
5.38% APY*
Share Certificates

*For non-IRA and Jumbo share certificates the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of 11/6/23. The annual percentage yield assumes dividends remain in the account until maturity and any withdrawals will reduce earnings. You may not add any additional money to your certificate after opening. All dividends are compounded monthly on the day the certificate was issued. While there are no penalties for monthly dividend withdrawals a penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal which could reduce the earnings on the account and/or reduce the principal. If dividends are insufficient to cover any applicable penalties, there is the possibility of a principal reduction. You are not locked into a rate until you open or renew your certificate. Once the certificate term expires, the certificate will renew 7 calendar days after the maturity date. No withdrawals may be made on a GTE Financial Share Certificate in the first 60 days of account opening.


Bump Up Disclosure:
**For non-IRA share certificates the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of 11/6/23. The APY is subject to change. APY assumes dividends remain in the account until maturity. Dividends compound monthly and are paid every thirty (30) days beginning on the 30th day after the share is certificate is opened and at maturity. Minimum deposit amount required is $500. An increase to the Bump-Up Term Share Certificate can be requested only once during the term of the certificate, at your request. The bump-up increase is limited to the bump-up rate offered. The increase is only available after the 6th month of opening the certificate. You can request a bump-up by contacting Member Experience Support at 813.871.2690 ext. 40453. Your Bump-Up Certificate will be reviewed by a GTE representative to confirm that you have not previously increased the rate before the rate adjustment is made. Once the request is submitted to GTE for processing, your Bump-Up Certificate will be adjusted to GTE’s current published rate and APY for the remaining term of the certificate, without any penalty to you. If you elect to not bump-up the rate of the certificate during its term, the rate/APY will remain the same for the duration of the term. The term of the Bump-Up Certificate is not extended by the Bump-Up APY/rate increase feature. Any APY/rate increase is not retroactive. No funds may be withdrawn from, or any additional funds deposited into, the certificate at the time of the rate increase. While there are no penalties for monthly dividend withdrawals a penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal which could reduce the earnings on the account and/or reduce the principal. Once the Bump-Up Certificate term expires, the certificate will renew as a bump-up term share certificate. If the Bump-Up Certificate is not available at the time of renewal, this option will not be available to you.

***Please consult a qualified tax professional for tax advice on your specific circumstances.

A share certificate is similar to a certificate of deposit, but it is issued by a credit union. It represents a deposit that is made for a certain period of time (term) that earns specified dividends over that period.

  • A Share Certificate comes with a higher dividend rate than a regular savings account.
  • Share Certificates are locked away at a fixed rate. This is a predictable rate of return that will not fluctuate over time.
  • Your funds are NCUA insured.
  • No monthly fee.

To open a GTE Financial Share Certificate, you must first become a member. Apply online in minutes or visit any of our locations throughout Tampa Bay.

It's instantly easy to open a Share Certificate through GTE online banking or visit any of our Community Financial Centers. 

The minimum opening balance for a Jumbo Share Certificate is $100,000.

A Bump Up Certificate is a Certificate where you can utilize a one-time rate increase throughout the life of the Certificate. The Bump Up request will change the rate to the disclosed rate as of the day of request. The one-time rate increase can be utilized after the Certificate has been opened for a minimum of 6 months.

No. Bump Up rates are not available on Jumbo Certificates.

An IRA Share Certificate is a term deposit held within an Individual Retirement Account. 

Thirty days prior to your maturity date, a letter will be mailed to you with your options. You can choose to close the Share Certificate or renew the Share Certificate at the prevailing rate. 

  • No early withdrawal may be made during the first 60 days from opening a Share Certificate.
  • Early withdrawals will be penalized anywhere from 90-365 days dividends. This penalty may invade principal. Please review your Certificate disclosure for more details.