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Lost or Stolen Debit/Credit Card

Lost or Stolen Debit/Credit Card
1.888.871.2690 toll-free

1.813.871.2690 local


Hillsborough County 813.871.2690

Toll-free 1.888.871.2690

Monday - Sunday from 7:00am to 8:00pm

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GTE Gift Card: 1.800.827.6227

GTE Youth Reloadable Card: 1.800.827.6557

Please note if you have received an automated phone call: GTE does use the following number when dialing automated phone calls: (813) 414-6418 


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Payments & Deposits
GTE Financial
Member Care
PO Box 75028
Chicago, IL 60675-5028

General Mail
GTE Financial
Department Name
PO Box 172599
Tampa, FL 33672-0599

Credit Card Payments
GTE Financial Credit Card
PO Box 74935
Chicago, IL 60675 - 4935

Talent Administration (Human Resources)
GTE Financial
Talent Administration Department
PO Box 172596
Tampa, FL 33672-0596

Insurance Notifications

GTE Federal Credit Union DBA GTE Financial
C/O Allied Solutions
PO Box 3489
Carmel, IN 46082

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
GTE Federal Credit Union DBA GTE Financial
C/O Allied Solutions
PO Box 3489
Carmel, IN 46082 

First Mortgage & Fixed Home Equity
GTE Federal Credit Union, ISAOA, ATIMA
C/O Central Loan Administration and Reporting
PO Box 202028
Florence, SC 29502

Mortgage Payments - First Mortgages and Fixed Installment Second Mortgages
GTE Financial
PO Box 986
Newark, NJ 07184-0986

Community Partner Membership (Select Employee Groups)
GTE Financial
Community Partner Development
PO Box 172599
Tampa, FL 33672-0599

GTE Investment Group
GTE Financial
711 E. Henderson Ave.
Tampa, FL 33602-9937

Supervisory Committee
PO Box 75634
Tampa FL 33675

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Media Contact
[email protected]

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Social Media Contact
Brittany Gantenbein
Marketing Engagement Specialist
[email protected]

Organizational Feedback

At GTE Financial, communication is a top priority! By better connecting with our members, we are able to learn, grow and improve in meaningful ways that enhance the cooperative. If you have feedback or suggestions that you feel would benefit GTE Financial, click the link below to contact our Executive Management Team directly.