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GTE Financial Can Help!

GTE has a wealth of free resources and tools to keep you money savvy every month of the year. 

No matter where you are in life: buying your first car, needing information for your first mortgage, looking to save for your child’s college, or wondering just how much money you’ll need to retire, we're here for you. Tap into our vast array of publications, toolkits, podcasts, and calculators, or get connected to a live counselor, who's ready to answer all your financial questions.

Financial Video: Raising Money Smart Kids

Meet Shawn!

Meet Shawn Lanier, our Community Financial Educator! She’s responsible for designing and delivering financial wellness workshops throughout the Tampa Bay area. She has a true passion for helping others understand how they can make financial decisions that create a strong financial future for themselves and their families.

For more information on the events or to host your own, please e-mail Shawn at

Whether you're interested in developing a workable spending and savings plan, getting out of debt, taking a look at your credit report, buying a home, or planning for your financial future, GTE Financial wants to help. That's why we've provided access to free and confidential financial counseling and education through BALANCE. Think of it as your online information hub for everything financial!

Financial Education Offered in a Variety of Ways

Financial Newsletters

Every month you will find a newsletter with tips on a variety of financial topics. All the newsletters are created for you to stay knowledgeable on managing money and credit. 

Quick Tips - A Personal Finance Newsletter


Financial Publications

Don’t miss out on learning opportunities that we have located in our financial education library.  These publications cover a wide variety of topics and new content is added every month.   To get started on your self- learning, click on a topic title below:

Learning Modules

These mini-sites are comprehensive modules that breaks the learning into easy to read chapters, you will learn a lot, but you never have to take a test!   The mini-site is designed to give you all the needed knowledge on every day financial decisions.    One of the newest mini-sites covers Identity theft and how to prevent this from happening. 

Toolkits to Being Prepared

Audio Learning

Don’t have time to sit and read about financial education, no worries tap into a wealth of information through the personal finance podcasts we have made available.


Charts and Checklist

  • Goal Chart For Children
  • Home Search Checklist
  • Rental Inspection Checklist
  • Rental Search Checklist
  • Property Inventory Checklist
  • Personal Financial Information Organizer
  • Car Comparison Chart
  • Mortgage Application Documentation Checklist
  • Used Car Test Drive Checklist
  • Surviving Child Financial Checklist
  • Surviving Spouse Financial Checklist
  • First Job Financial Checklist
  • Estate Planning Checklist
  • Retirement Planning Checklist
  • Upcoming Events Open to the Community:

    GTE offers tons of engaging and exciting community and educational events each month. All of our seminars and workshops are FREE and open to both members and non-members!

    Ranging from “Techs on Tour” to “Let’s Talk Home Loans,” there are a variety of sessions and events that will appeal to all. Estate Planning, Social Security, Student Financial Planning and many other event topics are available.

    To see our complete monthly schedule, event details and to RSVP, please visit our Events Calendar.

    Financial Education starts early on. Remember that savings bond you received on the day you were born, or learning how to save your allowance money? How about wondering how you were going to buy your first car, or how are you were going to afford college? Yeah, you’ve, they’ve got some big financial decisions to make…even when ythough ou’re they’re not so big!

    GTE Financial is here to help you learn at all ages build and find solid financial ground! Check out the latest in Youth Education:

    Check out GTE's Great Student Opporutunities and Youth Accounts!


    Teens and Young Adult: