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Vehicle Services

We’ve got the help you need!

Auto Insurance

The right auto insurance policy can help get you back on the road quickly if your car is damaged or destroyed.

Motorcycle Insurance

GTE insures a full spectrum of motorcycles from street cycles, cruisers and touring bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs and more.

Boat Insurance

Make your time on the water relaxed and worry-free with comprehensive coverage for watercrafts and boating equipment.

CarFax Vehicle History Reports

We help protect our members from salvage, total loss, structural damage, lemon, and flood vehicles with a CARFAX report.

Depreciation Protection

DPW is designed to protect your vehicle equity and hedges against depreciation over the life of the loan. In the event of a total loss, DPW provides a waiver benefit equal to the difference between the vehicle value at the time of purchase, less the loan balance at the time of loss up to a maximum waiver benefit of $10,000, or the outstanding loan balance.

Benefits of Protection: 

  • Protection for collision
  • Protection for theft and fire
  • 100% open enrollment 
  • Protection for vehicle depreciation 
  • 90% Pro Rata refund method after 60 days 
  • Cancels up to $1,000 of loan balance in the event of Accidental Death
  • Up to $500.00 Auto Deductible Reimbursement 

Visit one of our Community Financial Centers or call us at 813-414-6787 ext 40433 for more details and eligibility requirements.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

If the unexpected happens to your vehicle, you could lose more than just its value - you could lose your vehicle investment. If you get an accident where your car is totaled, and let's say you owe $10,000 and your car is worth $8,000, you could be paying the $2,000 difference out-of-pocket! With GTE's GAP, you can bridge the "gap" between the amount you owe and the amount your auto insurance company pays.

With GAP Coverage, You'll Enjoy These 4 Great Benefits!

Low-cost protection for only $599 with a 60-day free look

  • You can finance the $599 with your GTE auto loan, so it equates to a small monthly payment  

2. Protection for the term of your loan/lease up to 84 months*

  • Only available on GTE auto loans
  • Available on purchases and refinances

3. You can add GAP to your GTE auto loan at any time, even after you've closed or left the dealership!

4. Plus, receive Deductible coverage*  

Now GAP offers even more protection with Auto Deductible Reimbursement! If you file and pay a deductible for a comprehensive or collision claim for any vehicle you own and insure, you get up to $500** reimbursed!  

GAP can easily be added to your vehicle loan contract. Speak with a Member Advocate at any Community Financial Center or call us at 813-414-6787 ext. 40433 for more details and to purchase this protection.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Avoid costly vehicle repairs with Route 66 and their top-of-the-line extended warranty plans. Their Mechanical Breakdown Protection extends coverage to virtually all components of your new or pre-owned vehicle. The coverage is even transferable if you sell your vehicle before the plan expires.

  • Claims paid at the time of repair directly to the repair facilities
  • Repairs can be done at any licensed facility
  • Costs hundreds less than manufacturer’s warranties
  • Can be integrated into the cost of your loan
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

The low rate protection offered through Route 66 gives you maximum protection on your vehicle and much more. All plans come with additional benefits:

  • 24-Hour roadside assistance
  • Rental vehicle assistance
  • Total loss refund
  • Battery coverage

Buying a vehicle is one of the largest purchases you make, so have it protected.

Visit one of our Community Financial Centers or call us at 813-414-6787 ext 40433 for more details and eligibility requirements.

Payment Protection

Protect your Investment and Family

When you take out a loan, many important decisions are made from how much to borrow to the term of the loan. Another big decision to make is whether to financially protect your new loan with GTE Payment Protection.

GTE Financial knows how important it is to protect your credit and your family’s situation in the event something unfortunate happens to you. For this reason, we offer protection on your loans:

  • Death - Will reduce or pay off the balance of your loan if you pass away
  • Disability - Will cover your loan payments if you are unable to work due to illness or disability
  • Involuntary Unemployment - Ensure your loan payment will be taken care of as you search for new employment

Visit one of our Community Financial Centers or call us at 813-414-6787 ext 40433 for more details and eligibility requirements.

Insurance products are offered through Credit Union Services, LLC dba Credit Union Insurance Services (CUIS). CUIS is an independent subsidiary of GTE Federal Credit Union dba GTE Financial. INSURANCE PRODUCTS PURCHASED THROUGH CUIS ARE NOT FEDERALLY INSURED, NOT OBLIGATIONS OF OR GUARANTEED BY GTE FINANCIAL OR ANY AFFILIATED ENTITY.

Credit union’s credit decision will not be affected by whether the consumer elects to purchase this protection.

*Your GAP certificate will have complete coverage conditions and exclusion details.
**$500 per loss and unlimited claims per year, effective upon enrollment and continues for 3 years.