Home Loan Payoff

Early Home Loan Payoff: Next Steps

Ready to Pay Off Your Home Loan Early?

First of all, congratulations on considering paying off your home loan early!

Here are the steps you will need to complete in order to pay off your home loan.

  1. Request a Payoff Quote. Please complete the payoff quote form.
    • Along with member consent or legal authority, you need the following information to request a quote.
      • Loan Account Number
      • Street Address Number of Property
      • Effective Date / Paid Thru Date
      • Is the loan a HELOC?
      • Is the request a Payoff or an Inquiry?
      • Return Email Address
      • Requesting Institution Name
  2. After you request the payoff statement you will receive further instructions on how to fund your payoff payment.
  3. In order to avoid delays and processing errors, the payoff funds received should be remitted in the proper format. Payoff funds must be remitted in the form of
    • Wire
    • Certified Funds
    • Cashier's Check
    • Money Order or/and Attorney's Trust Check.
    • Personal checks or ACH funds will not be accepted. Any personal checks or ACH funds received will be returned to sender by regular mail, along with a letter explaining the reason for the return and a revised payoff statement.

* Please note: The tax and insurance bills will continue to be paid as they become due until the loan has been paid in full.