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Tap Into Your Home Equity

If you're looking to utilize your home equity, GTE has a variety of great options. Plus, we've streamlined the process from start to finish and can go from application to funding in less than 35 days. In many cases, we can determine the value of your home in minutes without an appraisal at no cost to you!** 

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Home Equity Loan

This loan is also known as a second mortgage. It allows you to take out one lump sum of cash and repay it over time with a fixed monthly payment. Like a Cash-out Refinance, you can borrow the difference in your mortgage and home value, but you have two monthly payments instead of one.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

This is a revolving line of credit, similar to a credit card, which allows you to access your home’s equity. Unlike a fixed Home Equity Loan, HELOCs are second mortgage products that have an open-ended term structure that allows you to continue to borrow funds up to the approved limit. A loan like this is perfect if you want to take advantage of the equity in your home, but don't want to borrow all the funds at once.

Cash Out Refinance

A third option to consider is refinancing your home. Refinancing replaces your current mortgage with a new loan to access the cash difference between your mortgage balance and your home’s value.

Not sure how much equity you have or which option is right for you?

Tampa Bay home values have skyrocketed in recent years. Our experienced team of Loan Executives is eager to help you and discuss which loan option works best for your needs.

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Features & Benefits

  • Easy, fast, online application
  • Great low rates
  • Affordable payback options
  • Funds can be used to pay for large expenses

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are accurate as of 11/3/2023. Rates are based on evaluation of credit history, loan-to-value, and loan term, so your rate may differ. Eligibility and Membership in GTE Financial required. Rates subject to change at any time. All loans are subject to approval. The APR stated is an estimate and is intended for informational use only. Your actual rate and/or points may be different, as many factors are evaluated for a loan approval.

**Automated Valuation Model software may not be able to be used for every loan, and in these cases, an appraisal will be required.