Cash Availability

Cash Availability

View Cash Availablity in Online Banking!

Log in and visit your member profile (My Profile) to view what funds are available to you on a daily basis.

We've made it easy for you to find out the amount of money available to you. Right. Now. 

  • "Available upon deposit of a check": Learn what funds are available to you immediately when you deposit a check. So the next time you deposit your $1 million check, learn how much money you will be able to carry home with you!
  • "ATM Availability": Need cash fast? Learn how much money you can take out of any GTE Financial-owned* ATM from your account each day. We’ve made it simple to discover this information in Online Banking!

Please note that your available amounts are subject to change, so make sure to check before you go!​

Where do I find this information?

Finding your member profile is easy!

  • Log into your Online Banking.
  • Look for the "Everything Else" tab next to your logout button.
  • Hover over "My Profile" in the drop-down menu.
  • Click "View Profile".
  • Above your Login History, you will see the cash availability that is ready for you!

Next to “Available upon deposit of check”, it says “Variable”. What does this mean?

Depending on the type of check that you deposit at GTE Financial, the available amount and time frame for availability may vary. For instance, GTE may be able to release more of the money from that check if it is a verified government check, rather than a check from an unverified non-member. For more information, refer to your Account Disclosure, "Your Ability to Withdraw Funds".

Next to "ATM Availability", it says "No ATM Card" or "Limit Set by Business". What does this mean?

If you do not have a GTE ATM or Debit card, you will see the "No ATM Card" denotation. If you are interested in getting an instant issued card, please visit any of our locations.

If you are using a GTE Financial Business Card, you will see the words "Limit Set by Business" as the limit of each card has been set by the business owner and may vary from person to person. Please refer to the business account holder to learn your ATM availability for this card.

 *Foreign ATMs may impose their own limits on withdrawals.