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GTE Financial offers a variety of home loan solutions in Florida!

We’ve created brief overviews for each loan option, including tips to help you decide which mortgage is best for you. View GTE's great rates.

  • Go Points

    See how GTE is revolutionizing Rewards Programs.

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  • Fixed Rate

    If you want your Annual Percentage Rate to be locked in for the full term of your loan and plan on staying in your home for at least 10 years, a Fixed Rate mortgage may be your best choice!

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  • FHA Loans

    Federal Housing Administration loans were designed to make homeownership more attainable with more lenient qualifications. GTE Financial offers FHA Loans for purchase and for refinances. 

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  • Home Refinance

    Looking to save money, lower your monthly payment or maybe you want to use the equity in your home to get cash out? We have resources to help you determine whether a refinance is the right choice for you.

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  • HARP

    Let GTE Financial Help with HARP! The Home Affordable Refinance Program may be able to lower your monthly mortgage, even if your home is under water.

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  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage

    If you don’t plan on staying in your home for more than 10 years, you may benefit from an ARM with a low, initial Annual Percentage Rate, which can increase your buying power. GTE also offers specialty ARMs where the APR can only change every 5 years versus annually.

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  • Home Equity Loans

    Tap into the equity in your home to pay for large, planned expenses or to have access to flexible funds to use as needed. GTE Financial offers 2nd mortgage solutions as well as Home Equity Lines of Credit.

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  • Construction Loan

    Building the home of your dreams? GTE Financial’s Construction Loan covers the building of your house and your permanent loan for when you move in.

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  • Investment Loan

    The real estate market can lend itself to savvy investors. We have a loan for your investment property.

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  • Vacant Land Loan

    If you’ve found a home site in Florida under 10 acres, check out our Vacant Land Loan.

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  • Homeowners Insurance

    Find out our incredible rates on homeowners insurance and protect your new home.

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Guarantee starts for eligible loans applied for on/after July 1, 2017. Construction, end loans, refinances with subordinate second mortgages, investment loans and wholesale loans through a broker, loans that have been denied for credit or withdrawn are ineligible for the Closing Date Money-Back Guarantee. Must be owner-occupied. *For the Guarantee to be valid: For a Purchase, upon receipt of a fully-executed sales contract, the agreed upon closing date must be a minimum of 30 days out and borrower documents, as well as the appraisal funding, must be supplied electronically within 5 days. For a Refinance, upon completion of an initial approved application (application will still be subject to underwriting and could still be declined), the agreed upon closing date must be a minimum of 30 days out and borrower documents, as well as the appraisal funding, must be supplied electronically within 5 days. Program is subject to change or cancellation without notice.